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Time to Consider a Shared Service?

Establishing a shared service can make your business or organisation more streamlined, efficient and less costly to operate. Discover how a Funasset solution can help you achieve this.

Shared services are becoming increasingly popular in both the private and public sector. They differ from outsourcing by keeping work in-house, and are perhaps preferable when sensitive data is handled, the work is business critical and overheads need to be kept to a minimum.

If your business or organisation has multiple departments and/or offices that all perform the same task then a shared service can provide the following benefits:

  • Work is centralised and easier to manage
  • Processes are standardised
  • Systems are consolidated
  • Inconsistencies and errors are minimised
  • Processes become more efficient and less costly to run

If you have already considered establishing a shared service you may have discovered sourcing the best solution is time consuming and costly, and changing your existing work practices is too much of an upheaval. In certain circumstances this may well be the case. However, for a tried and tested Funasset solution, establishing a shared service is quick, inexpensive and guaranteed to save money without disrupting existing core business processes.

A Simple Yet Effective Shared Service Solution

Almost every department and office within almost every business and organisation posts physical mail to customers, suppliers and partners. Unless the printing and finishing of this mail is already being performed by a shared service centre (SSC) or is being outsourced, it is likely each department and office is responsible for their own mail. As such, posting mail is unnecessarily labour-intensive and expensive.

Funasset are able to supply and integrate a mailing solution called Minkz Mail that will centralise your mail production, significantly reduce associated overheads and help you attain the higher discount rates offered by the Royal Mail. Not only that, Minkz Mail is flexible and sophisticated enough to operate seamlessly with your existing technology and documents so your business processes are unaffected.

Click here to find out more about how Minkz Mail can be used as a shared service.

Click here to find out more about using Minkz Mail as a shared service within local government.

Click here to find out how Funasset developed and continue to manage a hybrid mail system for UK Mail.

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